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  1. meddle

    SwSh Battle Facilities Discussion & Records

    Normal is well-documented already in the thread, so I'm not going to bother being too longwinded. The basic premise of this team is Diggersby + two walls. I really wanted to break 30 with this typing but I got annoyed of doing attempts after getting swept by :Sharpedo: liquidation crits the...
  2. meddle

    SwSh Battle Facilities Discussion & Records

    Maybe I'm just washed up, or I theorymon'd really badly and there's just better choices out there for this typing, but Restricted Sparring seems particularly hostile to the currently-available Psychic types. Psychics are completely trolled in this format in the following ways: They're weak to...
  3. meddle

    SwSh Battle Facilities Discussion & Records

    So anyone that tackles Ghost typing quickly learns that it's basically Mimikyu + two duds and the question is what are the least bad other teammates (though Jellicent might actually be good?). But Blitzamirin already did a thorough review of the ghost options above, and I can add some extra info...
  4. meddle

    SwSh Battle Facilities Discussion & Records

    Like Photon, got beaten to the punchline here on Poison typing but I'm sure others saw it as well: a Regenerator core allows you to effectively take out a whole team for only 3 PP of Toxic. I've been testing the waters with a Regenerator core for a poison-typed run for a couple of nights now...
  5. meddle

    SwSh Battle Facilities Discussion & Records

    I went into Steel typing just testing and knowing I wasn't prepared (zero PP ups on these guys) but ended up doing decently anyway, getting 34 wins. Steel type seems S-tier for this format, and I imagine people will take it to 100+ wins eventually for sure. This trio felt extremely strong even...
  6. meddle

    SwSh Battle Facilities Discussion & Records

    I decided I was ready to stomach more needlessly long dynamax animations and try out the restricted sparring format, reaching 20 wins with Bug typing, with two different teams. There is certainly more potential with bug than 20 wins, especially considering I lost to stuff I could have easily...
  7. meddle

    SwSh Battle Facilities Discussion & Records

    So despite my negativity earlier in the thread, I did get interested enough to briefly tackle the Battle Tower with no self-imposed rules other than seeing how far I could streak. :musharna: :grimmsnarl: :araquanid: :snorlax-gmax: It's a team that has streaked ~100 wins now, but would probably...
  8. meddle

    SwSh Battle Facilities Discussion & Records

    I know it's been talked about before (and it's kind of beating a dead horse at this point) but the real tragedy of the Battle Tower is the removal of metrics for success. If they had simply just implemented... that, we could have made something fun out of this trainwreck. In the past, this...
  9. meddle

    Pokémon Indeedee

    Psychic Surge just seems like it can’t NOT be good in a meta where literally every team is abusing Max Airstream and weather sweepers, and priority moves are sometimes your only check to those threats. Not to mention the ubiquitous Dragapult loves immunity to Sucker Punch and Shadow Sneak...
  10. meddle

    Pokémon Alcremie

    What is running a sleep move this generation though? Eldegoss? Shiinotic? Butterfree? Which means by extension there’s no Effect Spore either in the meta. There’s no Amoonguss nor Smeargle. Aroma Veil also prevents Encore and Cursed Body which, in addition to Taunt, are way more of a factor in...
  11. meddle

    SPOILERS! Sword and Shield in-game team discussion thread

    Like someone else mentioned, if you want a realistic in-game team for a casual playthrough, check the encounter tables: Sadly, Dragapult won't really be a thing for an on-release-day playthrough (Dreepy has a 1-2% encounter rate in specific weather and lowest level is 50) Other new Pokemon...
  12. meddle

    SPOILERS! Sword and Shield in-game team discussion thread

    Cinderace was dead to me once I saw its design, and then saw Centiskorch. Seeing its movepool solidified it as my top pick. It also gets Power Whip which is really nice for coverage and has synergy with Coil. Coil/Leech Life/Fire Lash/Power Whip Eldegoss seemed like a fun in-game mon with...
  13. meddle

    Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Hmm, I wouldn't have expected Ultra Beasts to be usable, kinda makes me a bit sad given the power level of some of them--though I guess in the case of something like Pheromosa, it may be too risky in an environment like the Battle Tree anyway. Has anyone written up a banlist somewhere? I'm...
  14. meddle

    [QC Ready 0/3] Excadrill

    Might as well run Mold Breaker on that set? Or at least slash it?
  15. meddle

    [QC READY 2/3] Togekiss

    Just posting in support of Halcyon's set: In Wi-Fi battles so far (not that it has much bearing on the Smogon metagames, but it's something), Bold Togekiss has been great. You just tank things so much better against the more common match-ups (so many people switch in Aegislash, T-tar, Scizor...
  16. meddle

    Move Stealth Rock

    Oh, I'm aware. But a quick search would have revealed your findings to be false... hence didn't "try" to confirm much of anything. I believe this brings our pre-Bank "OU-quality" Stealth Rock user list to: Mamoswine Tyranitar Ferrothorn Forretress "Lower tier" users: Crustle Tyrantrum...
  17. meddle

    Move Stealth Rock

    I don't think you tried very hard... User ium confirmed in another thread that it does indeed get Stealth Rock via Smeargle:
  18. meddle


    ium posted this in another thread, confirming Stealth Rock learnable through Smeargle as an egg move.
  19. meddle

    Pokémon Barbaracle

    Decided to try this thing out on Wi-Fi and its been pretty fun since every like every team is running a Gale Wings Talonflame, which basically allows for a free setup. As others have said though, lacks immediate power, even after a SS.